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Gut ease Powder

Gut ease Powder

Gut Ease Powder is a versatile supplement that can be used long term as an everyday supplement or shorter-term to support your horse’s gut during times of stress. It is an ideal addition to your horses feed during times of grass growth flushes and periods of routine or management change. Helps horses with digestive upset, loose droppings, and nervousness brought on by digestive upset; older horses and poor doers. An ideal product to use in conjunction with worming treatments or antibiotics/medicines to help support gut function. Yea-Sacc is scientifically proven to restore digestive balance and protect against further upsets. The combination of the Yea-Sacc and other high quality ingredients means that our NEW Gut Ease Powder offers such benefits as helping with fibre digestion, aiding maintenance of the digestive system, and balancing the hind gut PH and ‘good’ bacteria. This product is suitable for all horses and ponies to help maintain optimal gut health and can be used alongside the Gut Ease Cookies.

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